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  • North Texas Storm Spotters are Ready for Spring's Severe Weather:

    Wichita County storm spotters are locked, loaded and ready for the spring storm season. The spotters, officially Amateur Radio Emergency Services, are a group of trained volunteer ham radio operators who serve as the county's early warning system in the event of severe weather.

    04/23/2019 01:14 AM

  • Fair Lawn ARC to Partner with Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park

    The Fair Lawn Amateur Radio Club (FLARC) will again partner with the National Park Service with a special event amateur radio station to be held at the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park in Paterson, NJ. The event will be held on Monday April 29th at the National Park Service location at Mary Ellen Kramer Park, entrance along Maple Street, Paterson, NJ from 9AM until 4PM. The event is part of a larger celebration sponsored by the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission, Eagle Creek Renewable Energy and the National Park Service. The club's special event call sign (W2E) is to commemorate "Water To Electricity" and the vision behind Alexander Hamilton's transformation of the Passaic River to turn Paterson into the first planned industrial city in America by taming the power of water. For the fourth consecutive year, the club will be a partner in this event.

    04/23/2019 01:13 AM

  • Ham Radio Helps Tribal Woman Return to Native Village After a Decade:

    Kolkata: The West Bengal Radio Club (WBRC) -- an organisation of ham radio enthusiasts in the state, has been instrumental in sending a tribal woman from Jharkhand to her native village. The lady had been estranged from her family for at least ten years and was languishing at Behala Vidyasagar Hospital for more than 45 days.

    04/23/2019 01:12 AM

  • Propagation Forecast Bulletin #16 de K7RA:

    New sunspot group 2739 appeared on April 17, and the daily sunspot number rose to 24. The new sunspot has a polarity indicating it is still part of old Solar Cycle 24, the current sunspot cycle. This reporting week (April 11-17) the average daily sunspot number rose from 6.9 to 14, while average daily solar flux increased from 75.4 to 76.4.

    04/22/2019 02:00 AM

  • The IARU Represented in Turkey:

    The IARU was represented in Turkey, where committee SE24 on Short Range Devices met to undertake further work concerning Wireless Power Transmission, or WPT. SE24 is considering both WPT for electric vehicles and also generic WPT applications.

    04/22/2019 12:30 AM

  • WIA: AX prefix for ANZAC Day:

    The ACMA automatically allows all radio amateurs to substitute their normal VK callsign prefix with the letters AX, on ANZAC Day, April 25.

    04/21/2019 02:32 AM

  • A Strong Signal: Amateur Radio Operators Eager to Connect Worldwide:

    George Lewis, of Charlottetown, P.E.I. spent decades in his study, tuning the frequency dials, talking to other ham radio operators around the world. His daughter, Lana Churchill -(the author's mother) -- of Port Williams, N.S., remembers fondly sitting quietly, reading, listening to the hum of the radio, watching her father hard at work at his hobby. Amateur radio operators, also known as ham radio operators, have been exploring the airwaves since the 1800s, first using the dots and dash system of Morse code. Over time, ham radio operation has evolved to use a single sideband frequency for voice transmission, and now to an FT8 digital mode to communicate through a computer to send text-based messages.

    04/20/2019 01:09 AM

  • Australian Military Radio Operators Weekend:

    2019 is the second year of Australian Military Radio Operators weekend. It occurs on the weekend after Anzac Day. ANZAC DAY Thursday 25th April is also a WW2 radio promotion day and is 2 days before this event.

    04/20/2019 01:09 AM

  • Amateur Radio Clubs Hold 'Fox' Hunt:

    A group of Charles County residents held a "fox hunt" in Charles County on the morning of April 6 -- but no horses were involved and no animals were harmed. Six teams of amateur radio operators, or "hams", from the Charles County Amateur Radio Club and the Fort Washington Amateur Radio Club attempted to locate a "fox" -- one of the club members -- who had set up a base somewhere in the county.

    04/20/2019 01:08 AM

  • Foundations of Amateur Radio #202:

    Previously I've spoken about the dynamic nature of your station. Even if from day to day use, nothing changes, things around you are always in flux. Propagation changes, power fluctuates and the environment in which your antenna operates is dynamic. Mobile stations even more so.

    04/20/2019 01:10 AM

  • Ham Enthusiast is Setting Up a Waitsburg Emergency Communication Center:

    Brian Treadway hopes to garner interest from new or future operators: WAITSBURG-Waitsburg's Brian Treadway said he followed his grandfather's footsteps into ham radio but now uses the platform mostly in an emergency response capacity. He's hoping to garner more local interest, especially from those interested in providing emergency services. Amateur radio, better known as ham radio, is a hobby enjoyed by over a million people worldwide who call themselves "radio hams" or simply "hams." Most hams get into the hobby for fun, but ham radio can provide valuable communication services during states of emergency. When cell towers and antennas are down amateur radio is one of the few means of communication available. Treadway, who works full-time as a correctional officer, said he looks forward to using his radios to talk with people around the world in his retirement. But these days he is being more practical with his time and focuses on emergency response as a form of community service.

    04/19/2019 12:41 AM

  • Ham Operators Help Put Tallgrass Prairie On the Map:

    Hello, world? This is Chase County. Amateur radio took over the historic barn at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Saturday when ham radio operators -- or "hams" -- from the Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club in Olathe brought "Parks-on-the-Air" to the Strong City site. "We're getting communication set up at state and national parks, so we're activating this site so other people can talk to us," Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club event organizer Jim Andera said. "We hope to introduce the world to our state and national parks, and just what people are doing in Kansas." Three stations were set up in the three-story limestone barn, two of which used voice transceivers to chat with other ham operators around the country. Another station used Morse code to communicate. Ham radio can be used in emergency situations because it does not require electricity, phone lines or cell service to work. All that is needed to operate a ham radio is an antenna and battery.

    04/19/2019 12:40 AM

  • Lions Give 9,500 Dollars To Radio Club:

    LITTLE CURRENT -- The Little Current Lions Club made a substantial donation to the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club (MARC) last week before its popular Catch the Ace weekly draw event. MARC President Allan Boyd told The Expositor that his club approached the Lions about potentially donating to a new antenna for its repeater system which would allow for radio communications across Manitoulin in case of an emergency. Mr. Boyd said he was taken aback when he learned that the Lions would be donating the entire asking price -- 9,500 dollars. Should "terrestrial communications" break down, such as cellphone, internet or landlines, MARC can rush in, set up their equipment and begin the important process of relaying information via the repeater system located on the CBC tower on McLean's Mountain.

    04/19/2019 12:39 AM

  • CMH Donates Laptops to Amateur Radio Groups:

    Clinton Memorial Hospital recently donated surplus laptops to local amateur radio clubs. Mark Atwell, from Clinton Memorial Hospital, donated laptops to the Clinton County Amateur Radio Association (CCARA), The Laurel VE Team Leader, and the Highland Amateur Radio Association (HARA) at the regular monthly meeting of the Clinton County Amateur Radio Association. These will be used for various amateur radio activities in communications exercises and emergency preparedness training.

    04/19/2019 12:39 AM

  • Aid VFD Open House Features Ham Operators, First Responders:

    At the request of Aid Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Louis Pauley and Deputy Chief, Matt Jenkins the Southern Ohio Amateur Radio Association (SOARA) and Lawrence County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) participated in their special community open house event Saturday, April 13.

    04/19/2019 12:38 AM

  • Hyderabad Celebrates World Amateur Radio Day:

    Radio is one of the most common forms of entertainment and has been so for decades now. If you're reading this, it is highly likely that you would have listened to a radio at least once; but, did you know you can also broadcast radio instead of just being a listener? Yes, that is what amateur radio aka ham radio is all about. This popular hobby uses radio frequency spectrum for purposes like communication, recreation, experimenting, and more. In fact, licensed amateur radio operators or hams as they are called, are the reason behind many developments in present communication technologies as their tinkering and experimenting are what led to some developments. Any person over the age of 12 can obtain a ham licence and be an amateur radio operator aka ham. Hams can communicate with other hams all over the world and even communicate with astronauts in the International Space Station. Also, ham radio is extremely useful during natural calamities and disasters as when all conventional systems of communication fail, ham radios still work and the emergency handling potential of ham operators has been consistently demonstrated in every major natural disaster.

    04/19/2019 12:37 AM

  • DX News -- ARRL DX Bulletin #16:

    This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by The Daily DX, The OPDX Bulletin, 425 DX News, DXNL, Contest Corral from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web sites. Thanks to all.

    04/18/2019 02:00 AM

  • Just Ahead In Radiosport:

    Just Ahead In Radiosport:

    04/18/2019 02:00 AM

  • 'Mentoring The Next Generation' Is Hamvention and ARRL Convention Theme:

    With an eye toward helping new and inexperienced hams enjoy the full range of activities that Amateur Radio has to offer, Hamvention and the ARRL 2019 National Convention will embrace the theme of "Mentoring the Next Generation." Hamvention hosts the National Convention May 17 - 19 at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio. This will mark the third year for Hamvention at its new venue. A contingent of ARRL staff and member-volunteers will join forces to make available many ARRL exhibits and resources to Hamvention visitors. The centerpiece of ARRL's participation will be ARRL EXPO in Building 2. An extensive roster of exhibits and activities is available.

    04/18/2019 02:00 AM

  • ARRL and FCC Sign Memorandum to Implement New Volunteer Monitor Program:

    ARRL and the FCC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that paves the way to implement the new and enhanced Volunteer Monitor program. The memorandum establishes the Volunteer Monitors as a replacement for the Official Observers (OO) program. Current OOs have been encouraged to participate in the new program.

    04/18/2019 02:00 AM